We hold a comprehensive range of glass, plastic and aluminium containers, high precision dispensing systems, various closures including stoppers, crimp seals and screw caps as well as a range of boxes ready for immediate delivery worldwide.

Product Focus

SCHOTT Type 1 Plus Internally Coated Type 1 Glass Vial - Inert Si02 Coating

Ultra inert SCHOTT Type I glass vials internally coated with a chemically bonded Quartz like layer of Silicon Dioxide. Available in sizes 2ml to 100ml.

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Pyrofree Sterile Glass Vials - endotoxin and particluate free - ready to fill - depyrogenated vials

Pyrofree® Sterile Open Vials manufactured from SCHOTT Type I Fiolax Glass tubing and processed by Disposable Labs.

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13mm & 20mm West Flurotec ETFE coated Rubber Stoppers - lyophilisation and injection

The latest formula FluroTec® Rubber Injection and Freeze Dry (Lyophilisation) Stoppers manufactured by West to suit 13mm, 20mm and 32mm necked vials and bottles.

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Aero Pump Pharmaceutical Nasal Pump

High precision nasal pumps manufactured by Aero Pump are available in snap on or screw on finishes.

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Linhardt Multiflex Layered  Collapsible Tubes

Innovative new multi-layered laminate tubes.

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elm-plastic Oral Dosing Pipettes - 1ml - 15ml - Oral Dosing Syringes

As representatives for elm-plastic GmbH we are able to offer an extensive range of Oral Dosing Pipettes and accessories which is unrivaled by other manufacturers.

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Our Partners

At Adelphi Healthcare Packaging we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the best quality primary packaging and medical devices.

  • SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging - glass crimp neck vials, screw neck vials & ampoules
  • West rubber stoppers, flurotec coated stoppers & aluminium crimp seals
  • Linhardt collapsible aluminium tubes, collapsible plastic tubes and rigid aluminium cans
  • Phillips Medisize HDPE crimp neck, screw neck and snap-on neck bottles & LDPE dropper bottles
  • Aero Pump pharmaceutical nasal pump, topical pump, throat pump & preservative free pump manufacturer
  • elm-plastic GmbH oral dosing pipette, applicator pipette and intrammamary injectors
  • MediMop sterile vial adaptors suitable for 20mm and 13mm crimp neck vials
  • Disposable-Lab sterile vial manufacturer - Pyrofree vials & stoppers
  • STELLA screw caps 28mm, 18mm as well as various drop dispensing bottles and snigle dose tubes

Latest Press Releases

News from Adelphi Healthcare Packaging and our partners.

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Christmas Competition 2015

Merry Christmas and welcome to our annual Christmas competition edition of The Adelphi Oracle, which brings you our Christmas Cheer…

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Adelphi Solves a Photosensitive Issue

Adelphi Solves a Photosensitive Issue

Biocolor Assays have recently launched their new product: Hyaluronan assay "Purple-Jelley" that happens to be particularly light sensitive…

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SCHOTT Ampoules AC

SCHOTT Ampoules AC

SCHOTT's intelligent solution in the fight against counterfeit drugs

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Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day

Adelphi staff members broke out their Christmas themed wolly sweaters to help raise money for Save the Children.

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